Sunday, August 30, 2015


Introducing our new class member.

Rob the Rabbit!
Welcome Rob! We love you already.

Today we have learnt that you like to eat carrots, apple, silver beet and spinach leaves and your special pellets.

You also need lots of fresh water.

We also know you don't like loud noises and definitely no yelling!!!

We think you might like learning how to read. You seem to love snuggling up to the sight words in the classroom.

Ooops! You also leave a few surprises for us to pick up sometimes.

Welcome to the Korimako classrooms Rob.
We will take very good care of you.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome Rob! The Bellbirds will love you and care for you. Korimako kids will also pick up all your little surprises! We hope. Mrs .R.