Friday, September 4, 2015

Spring is here!

Last week during morning tea time, Sarah noticed that the plants we had planted in our garden in Autumn were struggling to survive!   
They had been attacked by an unknown predator -maybe caterpillars or night beetles! 
Sarah thought we needed to plant something new so that is what we did this week at Discovery Time.  
With the help of Megumi (Phoenix's Mum) and Claire (Luci's Mum) we cleared the old gardens and put in some new soil.

 September is "Bee friendly Month" in New Zealand so we decided that we could plants some colourful flowers to help!  
We also have 2 pots ready for planting some potatoes in! 

Today we also read and retold the fairytale of Jack and the Beanstalk.
We decided to be Scientists and investigate what conditions Jack's beans would need to germinate and survive!
We planted our own 'magic" beans and set up experiments to answer these questions:

What do seeds need to germinate? 
Do they need air? 
Do they need warmth? 
Do they need light? 
Do they need water?
Keep watching to see how they grow!

 More fairytale fun was had at Discovery Time!
  The castles and catapults were extremely popular with all. 
Lots of children got very creative and used the ideas that were set out as springboards to their own creations- adding knights and a variety of other fairytale characters to their settings!
Children enjoyed using the chalk & metre ruler to measure distance that their catapult could fire a pompom!

Perhaps a creation of two under construction for Father's Day!

We hope all the Dad's have a fantastic day on Sunday!

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  1. Thank you Sarah for setting the scene for revisiting our garden. Cooper too loves gardening. We are excited to see our petunias and geraniums in flower. Sarah and Cooper were a great help today.