Friday, August 7, 2015

Engineering and Experiments!

Wow, what a busy week of learning in the Bellbirds! 

On Thursday Rachel, from the House of Bricks, came to visit.  
She brought 30 000 pieces of lego.
We worked in groups and had to follow 3 rules: 
To  share the lego.
To keep the lego on the sheet. 
And to have fun!

We were amazing!  
We helped each other and worked as teams.
We problem solved!
We did lots of fantastic thinking!
Amazing Mazes were created!
 Brilliant colour and size patterns !

 The bridges took lots of thinking! 
We had to try and try again with these until they were strong enough to hold our class mascot 'Tui"! 
 We learnt lots about strengthening and patience!
Perhaps some future engineers!

We also built towers and compared their sizes.

On Friday we became scientists.  
We wanted to find out what could melt ice the fastest! 
We tried adding salt and sugar to ice. 
We predicted that the salt and sugar would both make the ice melt quicker.
We waited and observed throughout the morning how the ice changed.
What did we find out.....?

We discovered that the salt melted the ice the fastest.  
We  noticed that the sugar and ice seemed to melt at the same speed as the plain ice!

Mrs Tipping told us about how in the country her sister lives in they use salt to melt the ice  on roads!
I wonder if you remember which country her sister lives in?


  1. I am impresses with your problem solving skills.
    You are becoming good scientists. Mrs R.

  2. Wow that is a LOT of Lego!!