Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 3: Awards! Responsibility! Volume! Soup!!!

 This week has been sooo busy already in the Bellbirds.
Joel has shown his talents on the football field!

Most improved! Well done chum.

Another superstar showing promise.......

But not for the first time. Sorry Emily this should have gone on here before now. Well done to you too!!

 In fact........others popped in to share before school! Love how proud they all were. Well done to all of you.

 On Monday we started to talk and learn about VOLUME and CAPACITY.
How many cups of water will these vessels hold?
Which holds more?

You had better ask your children. 
Was it the tall bottle or shorter fat jar?

We took Mrs T out to the 'Friendship Pole'. We agreed that it is everybody's RESPONSIBILITY to ensure we have all have friends to play with.
The Korimako (Bellbirds) would like to suggest a new coat of paint to brighten the pole up. Maybe the student council could help with this?

On Tuesday we made SOUP for MATHS.
Yes that's right, we measured, counted, estimated, combined, halved, doubled. So much real life maths thinking. 

 We pretended to make our own pots of soup with very silly looking ingredients. Funny but fun. 
Maths is lots of fun!

We really liked the soup too.

If you would like to know more about these maths activities and our learning why don't you come along to the 'Ashley School Maths Expo' next week on Wednesday evening.

Sssssssssssh, secret squirrel........
 We have a prize at the Bellbird's display you could win on the night. 


  1. Fantastic real life maths Bellbirds! The soup looks delicious!

  2. Making friends is important. Using the friendship pole always helps when you need a friend at school. Mrs.R.