Saturday, August 1, 2015


Our REACH  value focus for the next week is RESPONSIBILITY.  

We can show responsibility in lots of ways including for our environment, our belongings and our learning. 
Some of the ways we can show responsibility at school are:
Listening when others are talking.
Helping to keep our classroom tidy.
Hanging my bag up and keeping my things in it, not on the floor.
Putting my name on my work.
Finishing my work. 
Doing my Must Dos at Literacy time.
Thinking about my learning and what will help me achieve my learning goals.
Bringing my library folder back on a Monday.
Bringing my poetry folder on a Friday.
Bringing my reading folder every day.

On Tuesday, Lesley Ottey shared lots of wonderful ways we can take RESPONSIBILITY for looking after our environment.  We can help reduce, reuse and recycle! 
At Discovery Time today our focus was on showing RESPONSIBILITY in our learning by:
*making choices about what we do.
*listening to others when they are talking .
*being patient and taking time with our ideas to ensure that we get quality work.

Matthew and Joe were keen to find new ways to share their ideas about hunting so we explored how we could use PicCollage on the iPad to find pictures and write about their favourite topic!
 Fynn was eager to keep working on his illustration for his story writing about polar bears this week!
Discovering how we can use air to move these cool rockets was also a popular choice.  
 Our creative Bellbirds loved this idea and quickly suggested that we could also find some fairy pictures on the internet and make fairies that could fly too, so that is what we did! 
 This group were certainly focussed and showing responsibility as they took their time and worked together to create their ideas. 
 Frozen Blow Painting!


  1. What responsible Bellbirds. I like the idea of the flying fairies. Mrs. R.

  2. I love blow painting! One of my favourites.