Thursday, October 29, 2015

What an amazing week!
On Wednesday The Bellbirds/ Korimako and Harakeke classes  visited Orana Park as part of our inquiry  into survival in hot environments.
We braved the cold and wet conditions as we explored the animals around the park. 
 We enjoyed an up close encounter with the rhinoceros! We were amazed at how big they were!
The gorillas were a highlight for many of us!  
We had to be super quiet while we watched them so we didn't frighten them as they get used to people watching them. 
They played, they banged the window and swung in the tyres! 
 The tall giraffes were  not so impressed with the cold water and didn't stick around for many of us to feed them.  A  lucky few got the chance! We had to hold on tight to the branches as they wrapped their tongues around them to take off the delicious leaves!
This lion was very interested in us! 
It watched us very carefully.  
Some of us were a little worried it thought we might be a nice lunch!
A huge thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came with us!

Our goals at Discovery Time today were to listen carefully to each other and to help keep our classroom tidy by helping to pack up. 
We were impressed at how hard we tried to do this this week.  
We were also  super impressed with lovely manners that we also heard today!

Thank you Janaya for your fabulous cat idea.  It was very popular.  You were very well organised and patient with our younger children. An excellent role-model for us.
 Thank you Joel and his Mum, Cheryl, for your amazing skeletons today!  They were so cool.  We showed good patience and perseverance to do a quality job!
Thank you Maisie for your well organised bird research idea today that was inspired by your trip to Rainbow Springs.  

Our milk experiment was fun to watch.  We added a few drops of food colouring and a few drops of colouring to the milk.   The colours rolled, swirled, mixed and merged together! Exciting to watch!

 We worked carefully to produce these lovely thank you cards for the Ashley School PTA Boxing Fundraiser.  Just a few final touches and they will be ready!

Another fabulous week of learning in the life of a Bellbird!

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  1. What a week! The Bellbirds were so focussed and listened well.
    Thank you all for remembering to work together and take care of each other. Great job everyone. Mrs.R.