Friday, October 23, 2015

Jelly and More!

Friday always brings lots of variety and surprises.  
Today we even had a special possum guest !
Thank you Joe for bringing in your cute, cuddly pet possums for us to see and find out how you take care of them!

 The creativity table was the most popular choice at Discovery today.  
The different materials on the table helped us think of lots of different ideas to create ,from  birds, wizards, fabulous rings, sock puppets to gloves and more!
These girls enjoyed playing card games with each other. They were great at taking turns.
We showed good concentration when making these marvellous monkeys.
We also observed that  our sprouts from last week had sprouted!
After morning tea we followed a recipe to make jelly.   
We dissolved the jelly crystals in  hot water. 
Then we poured it into little cups. 
We had to make sure we had enough cups for everyone!  (Lots of counting!)
We put them in the fridge to cool and set!
Then of course...we tasted it!

We thought it tasted...
... yummy and delicious !
... very nice! It was wiggly and wobbly!
... tasty and scrumptious!

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  1. We were not so great at tidying up after ourselves today!! So next week we will focus on this. We are striving to become good at self management and really listening to instructions when we are on the mat. Mrs.R.