Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Welcome back. It's Term 4!!!

Hi there all! We have had such a great first week back at school.
Monday morning we became interior designers.
We discussed how we would all really like our classrooms to look. 
We drew.....

 We constructed 3d plans....

We measured......

We discussed......

 It takes a lot of careful thinking to plan something this big!!!!

We then took all our ideas, plans and collated them as one big plan out on the deck.

It took a wee while to get everything in its new places.

But once we did...........what a great place it is to learn.

Thank you Reg the Caretaker for lowering two of our tables.

 The couch is nice and makes it feel like a home away from our own homes.

 The junior Choir also started back up this week. We sounded SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

We have our moves all sorted now!!! Soon we will be walking to the preschool for a sing-along.

What an exciting first week back at school.

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