Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fabulous Friday Happenings!

Our classroom garden is looking good.
We are remembering to keep the plants watered.
Our spuds might be ready for Christmas!

We enjoy trying out our ideas at the junk table.
Aziah came with a cool idea.
He had made a laptop using cardboard.
This was popular and we were busy creating.

The shells were turned into interesting boats.
Some of us thought we could get them to float!
We put them in a bucket with water.
Did they float?
NO! They sank!

The crayon rubbing templates were interesting to use
and we were very focussed.

Following our Inquiry we made stand up animals.
A lot of cutting and folding was a challenge for us.

We all worked well together and remembered our manners.
Bellbirds showed respect for the adults who helped us at Discovery.
A great Friday!!!

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  1. Our garden is really starting to look colourful! I can't wait to taste the potatoes! Keep up the great work Bellbirds.