Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fun Friday Learning!

Susan's Mum worked with us to make the most delicious pikelets.
We read the recipe and took turns at mixing.
When we had dropped the mixture into the frypan
 we watched the bubbles pop before we turned them over.
Everyone ate their pikelet straight away.
Yum! Yum! Yum!

Butterflies were popular. 
We were careful to make the wings symmetrical.

The snowmen were so cool and the paint felt good on our fingers.

Some of the boys were keen to colour in images that we found on the internet.
The images were of Thar and Chamois.
They found it calming when they coloured in.

Phoenix enjoys Maths and managed to sneak in a few
 equations for her puppets to work on.
Check all the doubles.

As part of our study into fairy tales we talked 
about The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Mrs Robinson read a funny version of the story.

We chatted about words that described the Troll.

Next we drew a troll
 and wrote about the times when we are feeling grumpy!
We needed to make sure we had the right details when we drew.

Check these two pages from the book that we created.

The early finishers then worked in pairs 
to build bridges for the troll and the Billy Goats.

A good construction Caelan.

So as you can see we had a day full of learning with lots of variety.
As always we look forward to your comments.

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  1. We are so impressed at how you always come up with your own unique ways to use the motivations provided at Discovery Time. A huge thank you to all the parents who help make this time so valuable for our creativity, thinking and learning!