Thursday, September 17, 2015

Spuds and creativity!!

Potatoes were planted in our garden pots today.
We are hoping that we may have spuds 
ready for us to use before Christmas.

Come and look at our garden.
We are taking care of all the plants that we placed into the tyres.
We are remembering to keep them watered.

Discovery today was busy.
Caitlyn found a book to show us how to make Butterflies.
Her brother Riley came to support us 
and share some ideas to make the Butterflies.
Thank you Riley!

Bentley and Peyton love trains.
The chalk came out so that we could draw tracks to run the trains along.

Some of us enjoy Dr. Seuss.
Sione used the paint well to add detail to his work.

Door hangers proved to be the most popular thing to work on today.

Mitchell decided to put NO ENTRY! on the back of his hanger.

We made sure that we remained focussed on our goals today.
Asking to join in, including others,

and giving compliments.
Well done Korimako kids.


  1. We are getting really good at reflecting on how we show these goals. It is great to hear all the compliments about each others work and to see the smiles that we all have when we receive a compliment. Ka pai!

  2. Wow Korimako you guys are really busy on Fun Friday!
    I'm excited to see your hard work grow, your learning extend and your friendships develop.
    Ka Pai tamariki xx