Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Journey of the Potatoes.

Late last term we planted Agria potatoes.
Over the summer break
 Mrs. Standen came to school most days
 and took care of the garden. 
She made sure everything was well watered during the Summer heat.
Today we dug the potatoes.

Cooper is particularly proud of the results as he helped with the planting.
The spuds are huge!

Aaron's Mum Melanie helped us to chip them.
We added herbs from the school garden to give more flavour.
We sprinkled salt and oil over and then cooked them.

The smell was delicious.

We shared with Room 4 
as they were in our class 
when we planted these amazing potatoes.

Fynn thought they were superb.

A huge thank you to ...
Lesley Ottey for donating the seed potatoes,
Mrs Standen for taking care of the potato patch over the Summer,
and to Melanie for helping us to become Master "Spud" chefs.

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  1. This was truly a collaborative effort! Thank you everyone for your help!