Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy "Hoppy" Easter

Today was so much fun.
We made lots of very different Easter things.

Easter eggs were popular.

So were the Easter baskets.

Using the forks to paint Easter chicks was fun.

Then the Easter Bunny masks!
Some of us wore them on our Treasure Hunt.

We needed to listen very carefully
 to the instructions before we set off to find our treasure.

We hopped along behind Mrs.R.

Clues were everywhere!
Even hidden amongst the corn!

Our friends were supportive when we needed help to read the clues.

It is good to know that we can work together to solve problems.

At the end of the hunt we found?
Yes you guessed correctly... 
yummy Easter eggs to add to our Easter baskets.

The Bellbirds wish you all a Happy Easter and well earned break.
Have fun and come back to school ready to learn again.

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