Monday, June 15, 2015

Feet! Feet! Feet!

We all have feet.
We measured our own feet this Monday  with 
We are learning to 
and then
Bellbirds are so good at estimating and measuring that we took our skills around the school.
Our team of four experts (Zoe, Caitlyn, Mitchell and Aaron) politely asked if they could measure the teacher's feet. 
With shoes on thank you very much!!!!!!!

There were giant feet........ and princess sized feet.

Sporty feet and sweet smelling feet.
Feet that we ESTIMATED would be about the same length.

Some feet were missing today, but we have saved them a template if they want take part in our measuring mission!

"Measuring the teacher's feet was cool" said Phoenix
Mrs T and Mrs O groups have weekly words to practice.

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  1. Oh dear - Ms Meehan must have been away on the day when the Bellbirds were measuring feet. Never mind, it looks as if you have collected some very good information to help you learn more about ways to measure.