Friday, May 15, 2015

Interesting Discoveries Today...

We are often faced with interesting challenges.
Today we found out how to make small explosions
 using water, vinegar and baking soda.
Thanks to Joel for his idea.

When we made boats using walnut shells we found that they didn't always float!
Where were we going wrong?
Too much weight with the playdough? 
Mast too tall?
Sails too big or small?
Bellbirds always persevere!
Eventually we got them to float!

Next we were challenged to make paper planes that would fly.
How will we fold them?
Will they look like a plane?
Could we get them to fly a reasonable distance?
Would they be competitive in the big "Fly Off"?

Late this afternoon some of us competed against other children
 to see how far our planes would fly.
What a lot of fun.
A lot of cheering and clapping.
Thanks to the Senior boys who made the competition possible.

Another challenge today was to blow ping pong balls
through the paint using straws.
Well! Mmmmm!
The paint was thick!
We didn't seem to have enough puff?
What solution did these Bellbirds come up with?
Yes you guessed. Just roll the balls over the paper.

Bellbirds enjoy challenging themselves.


  1. We are wonderful problem solvers and thinkers in the Bellbirds! I love how we always keep trying and work together to make new discoveries!

  2. I love the creating, experimenting and thinking you get up to on a Friday.
    I was very impressed at the plane flying competition. So many Bellbirds entered and competed well. Tino pai - Mrs Treacy

  3. Oh my goodness!!!!! What fun you have in the Bellbirds. I can't wait to hear about more of your discoveries.

  4. What amazing fun you are all having as you learn! - Mrs Standen

  5. Hey there Bellbirds! The boys from Ruma Tahi just loved coming to visit you before the Paper Planes competition - and didn't some of you do very well, flying your planes from one end of the hall to the other. We had such good fun!