Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 3 2015

Late last year Lesley Ottey visited us to talk about our school garden.
She showed us how to create some garden art.
We needed bottle tops and bamboo stakes.
Rangiora Mitre 10 donated the stakes for us to use.
Today we started on our creations.
As always we get things done.
A huge thanks to the Mums who helped.

Keep a close eye on our gardens as we have many more ideas.

Did you know that when you rub a balloon on your head,
 and then place the balloon over mixed salt and pepper,
the salt and pepper separate!

Other fun things were on offer during Discovery.

We love using the Duplo and today we made letters of the alphabet.

Sarah has five adorable puppies.
They visited us and we got to ask lots of questions.
Some of us wanted to hold the puppies as they are really cute.


 Ashley children strive to use our school values.
Well done Mitchell and Aziah. 

What a great beginning to 2015.
Bellbirds rock!

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  1. We are so pleased with how you work together Bellbirds! What a fantastic start to the year. Mrs O.